UK Higher Earners

One of our main goals with TaxDash is to help you identify ways to minimise your payable taxes. Tax is unfortunately a very complicated and intricate subject, with multiple tax laws that require consideration, for instance, higher tax rates, child benefit, dividend tax, rental income tax implications and pension contributions – just to name a few.

In order to provide you with efficient and cost-effective tax planning assistance, we require accurate and updated information about your income sources.

Custom solutions

TaxDash records your salary income details. Upload and securely store all supporting documents (P60, P45, P11d) in one place.

TaxDash records all your external sources of income: rental income, foreign income etc.

You get a qualified accountant to submit your personal tax return.

We make it easy for your TaxDash accountant to calculate your capital gains tax due, or to assist with tax planning on how to reduce future capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

TaxDash captures your income in foreign currencies and automatically converts all amounts into GBP using HMRC’s monthly exchange rates.

TaxDash offers education on which expenses you can deduct when you are employed full-time.

TaxDash ensures you understand how higher tax on dividends works.

We keep track of all your employment share option schemes and give expert advice about the tax implications of receiving, vesting, and selling these shares.