Residency Appraisals

If you are a UK-tax resident, you will be held liable for tax assessment on your worldwide income. This could have far-reaching consequences for how your worldwide income is taxed in the UK. Therefore, great consideration should be taken when you are working or living full-time in the UK and when you only leave the UK for holidays. If you are physically living and working in more than one country, it’s important to consider whether you are regarded as a UK tax resident. If you spend considerable time in two countries and you qualify as a tax resident in both countries according to their respective domestic tax rules, then you will need to consider tie-breaker rules to determine the country in which you are considered a tax resident and in which you are therefore obligated to pay your main source of tax.

Custom solutions

With input from a specialist in residency appraisals, we can help you with:

Understanding what it means to be a tax resident of a particular country.

Your tax obligations as a tax resident in more than one country.

Qualifying for split-year treatment in the year that you moved or left the UK.

Tiebreaker rules (if you are considered to be a tax resident in more than one country).

Understanding your tax obligations if you are considered a non-UK tax resident.

Understanding all the tax considerations if and when you want to leave or move to the UK.